Data Driven

Make informed Decisions, tailored to your priorities, built on Data and Analytics 


Data to Power your Decisions

While it may start with just an Electric Forklift or Car Chargers in your facility's parking lot, the future is Electric and PineSpire can help you Lead the Charge.


PineSpire provides access to exact data from your electric vehicle charging and helps you make informed decisions on your future Electric Vehicles.

Data from your charging can help predict future revenue, plan for charging costs, and identify new ways to lower fuel (electricity) costs by optimizing charging strategies.  Comprehensive fleet data also supports planning for expansion of on-site energy generation or battery storage.

Monthly Reporting


Monthly Reporting

Our monthly reports are full of valuable data that present your energy usage by each vehicle in an easy to digest summary. And of course, the reports come with a monthly incentive check!

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Ways to

Save More

Each monthly report has customer-exclusive offers, notifications of relevant grant opportunities, and suggestions for

cost-effective electrification planning.

Real-Time Data

PineSpire tailors the best energy measurement solution to your fleet.  Forklifts are often best handled through a calculation method.  For other Electric Equipment, Pinespire will install on-site metering which will provide real-time access to each EV's energy usage. 

PineSpire will aggregate all the data for you in our monthly reports, and provide support for requested deep-dive analysis on your specific equipment.

With organized, accessible information, the data will make your decision-making easier

Check out our sample interactive meter data report!