PineSpire Incentive Calculator

Estimate your LCFS Revenue

for your Entire Fleet with the below Calculator


Calculator Instructions:

  1. Select which rate option you'd like. Market Rate allows for additional upside by taking on market risk. Guaranteed Rates are guaranteed for the life of your contract and remove market risk. 

  2. Input the total number of vehicles for each specific vehicle type.

  3. Estimate usage as low, medium, high as compared to typical usage in your industry. Our estimates are based on industry case studies. If in doubt, please assume Medium as it should reflect industry average usage.​​

  4. Enter your contact information and select Request Offer. We will review your fleet and reach out to discuss next steps with you within 48 hours.

Market Rates are based on current Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Prices. To view the most recent LCFS pricing and transactions, visit CARB's website

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Contact@PineSpire.com or call us at ‪(559) 691-4284‬