Monetize your Charging

Save Money. Improve Health and Safety. Earn Revenue.

How does it work?

If you have an Electric Forklift, EV Charging Station, or any other electric vehicle, then PineSpire will register your equipment and issue monthly payments.

Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal entities are all eligible.

The equipment you currently own is eligible to register. 

PineSpire provides turnkey Registration to Revenue services so you can focus on your core business and still benefit from the LCFS program.

Registration to Revenue.png

Simple Equipment Registration Process

Calculate Savings

Use the PineSpire Incentive Calculator to estimate savings and request an offer to the PineSpire Team

Sign up for incentive

Sign our simple agreement to kickoff the equipment  registration process with PineSpire

Gather Vehicle Information

Simply send over a few items on your electric vehicle or charging infrastructure to get registered

Get paid

PineSpire will send you monthly incentive checks where you keep the majority of the LCFS Revenue.

It's that ready.