Promoting + Owning Electric Vehicles or Electric Vehicle Chargers benefits your Municipality with a new Revenue Stream, helping to reach Sustainability Goals, and improving Public Health conditions.



New Revenue Stream

LCFS credits can provide a new revenue stream for your existing operations and targeted facilities upgrades.  

If your municipality owns any electric vehicles, from small parking interceptors to large refuse trucks or public transit, your vehicles are eligible for LCFS credits.

Additionally, any passenger vehicle EV chargers you have installed for the municipal or public use can earn you LCFS credits.  

PineSpire will partner with you to ensure all of your eligible equipment is enrolled and you will receive monthly payments from us that can boost your budget and further support your team's goals.

Solar Panels

Sustainability Goals

Incorporating and promoting Electric Vehicles helps lower your municipality's carbon intensity and encourages your residents to do the same.

This shows significant progress and forward-thinking strategies to help meet your Sustainabilty Goals.


PineSpire will bring you grant opportunities from state, air district, local and national programs.  Grant funding, paired with LCFS revenue, can bring the cost to go Electric within reach for all budgets. 

We are here to help with the technical application questions and long-term electrification strategy.

Public Health and 

Air Quality

Zero emission vehicles like electric refuse trucks and electric public transit have a real and local impact on air quality in neighborhoods and public areas in your municipality.

Funding, like LCFS revenue, and utility programs can make these new vehicles a reality in your community.

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